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Am at 30 days!

Hello all I am at 30 days! Ive been wavering posting for a variety of reasons one feeling down. (as I have detoxed, I cant imagine looking at my older post - i hope that I didnt offend or aggravate any one elses quit). I had come on here in my most desperate hours). I acutally hope i helped at least 1 person. Im going to the doctor for antidepressants soon and a physcologist. One factor I thought about today and wanted others to be aware (for themselves) was maybe withdrawl from coffee. I enjoy it much more now and drink it as a treat but that heavy consumption stopping may have added additonal symptoms. Anyway, I hope everyones quit is going good and when it gets hard remember its like climbing a rocky mountain you will hit some easier areas soon!!

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Hi this2shallpass.

30 days is brilliant, you havent offended people i dont think!?? its good to have the forum in desperate times. Your doing so well.

Hope all goes well with the doctors.. and you get sorted out!...Good tip for coffee! im drinking more tea then i used too since quit but i couldnt bare to give it up at the moment! i sort of look forward to it! early days and all that.

Keep on posting, good to hear you:)


Thanks for replying

Green tea is said to be so good for you! I think Im going to add that to my list of items. Thanks!


Congrats to you! I'm at 30 days today too although I'm bloody sure it's a lot longer than that! Feels that way anyhow.

Interesting what you say about coffee. I have stayed on it and will drop that, probably, at a later date to avoid the caffeine you know that is no fun!

Good luck at the docs. Keep up the good work!


Green tea is said to be so good for you! I think Im going to add that to my list of items. Thanks!

... and it tastes a lot better plain than regular tea does :) It has so many health benefits!


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