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Day 5

Hi All,

Back here again - some of you may remember me from my last stint. After 18 months of consigning smoking to history - i fell into the old trap, the most obvious trap of having just one. You all know the rest....its the same story. What I do want to say to any newbies - this wasn't due to still craving of anything of the sort - this was due to the same pure stupidity that got me started in the first place. :mad:

Anyway, I am now 114 hours free - used Champix this time as patches made the withdrawal last longer last time (for me - I know it works for others). Doing ok but the fact that I needed to post rather than the stalking I have been doing over the last 5 days probably says something.

Anyway - will continue to post and maybe look for a new teamie - as my old one is not on here anymore!

Speak soon all!

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Hi Chris,

Sorry you fell off the wagon. It's a lesson to us all that you just can't afford to have the one - and I think we've all tried to persuade ourselves at some point in our quit that maybe we could handle it, and wouldn't it be an interesting experiment to see what a cig tasted like now, and blah blah blah. That way disaster waits. Does us all good to be reminded of that.

But glad you're back, and you're back with a new resolve and ready to properly kick it and NEVER to make that same mistake again. Nope.

Keep on keeping on!

H xxx


Hi H!

Cheers for your reply!

Certainly is a lesson for everyone and to be honest its soooo frustrating that I fell to the oldest trick in the smoking book. hey ho - what is done is done and now I just have to get on with it and not smoke! :-)

Day 6 is going well so far - yesterday was painful but today I am not feeling so cr@ppy and have actually managed to do some work - which helps!

Big challenge @ the weekend - wedding at which I am the best man...this guy will not be having any cigars however! :-)

Good luck everyone!


Well, so glad to see you were able to find motivation to quit again.



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