No Smoking Day
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Back to day 1 tomorrow (monday)

Hi to all, I did a silly thing had a fag after getting to 3m 2weeks all because i was in trememdous pain and thought just one fag which led to more fags. And now i need to knuckle down once again. I know we all have pltfalls its going to be a long day tomorrow but hopefully a good one. Wish me luck if you like. And well done to all those who have passed me. J

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You don't need luck mate, you'll be stronger this time, you know you can't just have the odd one. Onwards and upwards. Hope the pain is getting easier.


you will be fine..dont look back..keep moving least now you know that you can get on woth life without smoking :D

good luck


I know that feeling Fleetwood :(. sucks

Soon be back on track.....good luck in not dropping your guard again next time .

Regards Trev


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