No Smoking Day
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14 smell free days!

Yeehar!!! superchuffed, have done 14 whole days and am now on Day 2 of no patches.... its a bit tricky, but s'okay. i seem to have broken the putting things in my mouth and lighting them bit, tis just the remnants of evil uncle Nick O'Teen prodding me now'n again, worse post beer, helps to avoid it... but its sunnnnnyyyy.... hmmm dribble!

I'll not give in.... I's a winner! Yipski!

Boing boing boing!

Happy Daze! xxxxx

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congrats zozie!! you are getting through the tunnel to get to the light and it is so worth it!!:)

be so proud and have a great smoke free day!!


Well done zozie, 15 days now! :)

hahaha sun & beer :D


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