No Smoking Day
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Yet Another Milestone!!!

Well can I just say Thank You Baby Jesus :)

This is my fourth Saturday as a non smoker and every weekend before now has been horrific, I thought about nothing but smoking from the minute I opened my eyes till the time I went to bed. Well NOT TODAY!!!! I had a fleeting thought around lunch time, then it passed!!! Called into Asda for a 24 pack of beer and my only thought was that I couldn't wait to get home to have a few cool beers, not that I wouldn't be smoking and however would I cope :)

So let me tell you people, especially my special buddies of the Class of June 2011, I NEVER thought this day would arrive, and here I am, just 4 weeks in, and I'm enjoying a beer WITHOUT A SMOKE!!! Yay me!!! We CAN DO THIS!!! :) :)

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You're doing GREAT.:)


that is so great to hear!! gives the newbies some hope!!:D

your are doing it!! congrats and keep up the good work!


You are doing great

Hi Blondie,

You are doing great but don't let your barriers down as that nico demon can sneak up on you when you least expect it. But based on my own experience you are at the point where you would not like to go back to smoking. Take every day that you are off the cigarettes as a miricle and give yourself a big pat on the back and beleive us when we say that it gets easier as each day goes by.

I will be watching you progress through this quit and will be waiting to welcolme you into the Penthouse and get you your first celebration drink (they also do dreat bar lunches).



Thanks Danny, from past experiences I know I will always have to be on my guard - and I'll hold you to that drink when I take a running jump into the penthouse :D


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