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No Smoking Day
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OMG day 3

Hi all, hope your all doing well.

So as i suspected, day 3 is KILLING me :eek: lol, im trying to keep my mind busy with other things, im using the inhalator so i didnt think id be too bad on day 3, but i was sooooo wrong.

Anyway, im going to wait to get a glimpse of that half naked hottie in home and away then im going to clean the house.

Take care Rachel xx

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ps, whats going on, im going to bed later than i normally do, it takes meg yonks to fall asleep, then as soon as the birds start chirping in the morning im wide awake, normally i drag myself out of bed at 8.15 to get my daughter to school, she must be loving me getting up so early lol.

Rachel xx


Hi Rose,

I have three things to say

1) Stick with it

2) Don't cave

3) Keep going


You can do this. Just face it one crave at a time. The longer you go on, the easier it gets.

H x


Personally I prefer Neighbours but - do you think the guy in Home and Away would fancy you with a fag in your mouth?! Stick with it, the stupid cravings don't last long x


Lol, that answer made me laugh frenchkiss, no i dont suppose he would, i dont mind neighbours either, theres a hottie in there too lol ( god whats wrong with me, i think everyones nice at the min)

So i nipped to the shop earlier and bought some .............................icewhite gum lol, that def quashes the cravings for a while.

Thanks for the advice helsbelles, ive written that down and stuck it on my fridge :D

Rachel x


Hellooooooooooooooo, sorry, i know im on here again, hope im not doing everyones head in lol.

I think ive been on this wonderful site nearly all day, im going to be dreaming about it soon i think. Just opened curtains and its p***ing it down, got 2 loads of washing out too, so i had to leg it round the garden, collecting up all the bits that had flown away lol.

Well that cravings gone now, it was getting quite bad so i thought id post on here, was gonna reply on something earlier, then i realised it was from 2008 lol so i thought i wouldnt bother.

hope youve all had a good day (if anyone wants any rain, let me know, ive got loads of it here going spare :D )

Rachel xx


Glad to hear it's eased off a bit (the craving, not the rain). Expect a lot more - cravings, and rain - but take heart: While this crappy country's mad meteorology means we'll probably slide inexorably into winter without the remotest need for the factor thirty, your quit journey, if you just keep going, will leave all the fog and the rain and the mud behind you and you'll soon find yourself bathed in sunshine!

Keep sploshing through the puddles, it's worth it.

H x


Hi Blackrose, smiling at your post..:) your a star, congrats on your day 3..... urm, what neighbourhood do you live...think i need to move house:D


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