Day 4 :/

Wow today has been rough, managed to cope really well at work but then worked out how many lozenges i have till pay day only 14 left.... payday is monday and i hope i have enough to last till then :( trying to take less, when i go to get some more i am getting a 3 pack of the 4mg and a 3 pack of the 2mg as i dont want to become relying on them. Anyway i had a walk to the shop after dinner and stared at the ciggerettes behind the counter, and since i last brought some they have gone up so i am glad i am not smoking :D ... well for the rest of the night now i am going to eat the sweets i brought and watch a dvd. Could do with a smoke but a suck of 4mg nicotine mint will have to do... here is hoping day 5 is easier. Thanks for the support so far, love this site :)

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  • Hey Andy. It WILL get easier. Try and put cigarettes as faaaar out of your mind as you can. Try not fight it second by second and just get on with your life, you'll be surprised how long you can go without thinking of the fags if you just find some way of distracting youself

  • This is exactly how I want my quit to be when it gets here.

    I know its easier to say than do, but i think its really important.

  • I really feel for you over on the mainland - here in Northern Ireland we get our prescriptions free of charge and get free NRT for a full three months before we need to start paying for it - I think it's a disgrace that the government do not supply NRT free of charge for anybody who needs it :mad:

  • well done Andy! , like the cigs counter story!:D its shocking the price isnt it!.... keep going with the lozengers, sounds like they doing you well for now...Get the early days out the way then think about reducing them, I personally wouldnt worry too much about that...just think how far youve come and your not smoking anymore :)

  • everything in time luv...take one step at a time and you will make it!! congrats on your quit time.....when i see someone smoking now i feel bad for them that they are still chained to their addiction and i pray that i will never be there again,,,,you never know..will the next cig be the one that causes the cancer???...too scary for me..ill stay quit thanks!!:cool:

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