No Smoking Day
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pom poms and cartwheels, its day three!

hooray for day three, here's a list of the good things:

woke up after a good nights sleep :)

i could breath better than normal !

i sang on the way to work, always a good sign, Free if anyone wonders what, 'Don't say you love me, Cos I know, it would be, just a lie' cheery :)

whatever shit happened (a fair bit to be honest lol) i just dealt with it instead of stressing

food is starting to taste quite good!

not a bad list considering, and now it's time to chill out,

motivated, really surprisingly motivated,


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'there is no point in smoking every time i get an emotion' ........really like that one!!!!.......Congrats on Day 3.


sounds like things are going good for you breezing your way through the dreded day 3 :)

and seeing benefits already - great

keep going

daizy x x


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