tobacco in the catfood tin!

Hello, just to let u know that after the forums helpful advise, I threw the tobacco away. Only had two, which made way too guilty to carry on. Put the tobacco in a used tin of cat food with some water, this should stop me, when I have a wonky one, from taking out of hin and drying out!

Thanks for e help, when to gym and 'felt the burn' to get out my system. Bloody hurt today!

I'm dtermined to get past this 3 month wobble, always happens to me and I always fail. Not this time

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  • Oh Alfie,know the 3 month wobble well, have lost many a quit over the last couple of years at that point. You did well to get rid of the baccy, lets face it one week after the '3' month mark and we have broken it. Not long to do in the scheme of things. Keep strong, you hear ;)

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