No Smoking Day
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day 2 and going strong

hi everyone thanks for your messages which seem to add to my inner strength

Well day 2 almost done,and its gone very well, i think due to my mental preparation, eating regularly thus balancing my blood sugar level,and grit and determination, but got to be honest cravings have been pretty non existant!! ive been taking a good multivitamin and vitamin c which has helped,oh and a patch!!

i have noticed a bit of C*** coming up from my chest/throat, but it makes me think that its just my body recovering,its hust so nice not to be smoking and to smell nice.


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nice to see someone experiancing some of the benefits already :)

nice work there on day 2

daizy x


Thanks daizy,

im loving it, looking forward to tomorrow!


I have been quit for 2 Days, 21 hours, 22 minutes and 59 seconds (2 days). I have saved £24.20 by not smoking 72 cigarettes. I have saved 6 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 05/06/2011 00:00


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