No Smoking Day
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day 2 cold turkey

day 1 done, phew! i've not left my flat since saturday night, i had to go to the post office before but didnt bother. i'm kind of thinking a siege mentality at the minute, if i can manage to stay indoors for a full 72 hours and get myself through the initial transition it might put me in good stead. sat involved a mad dash round tesco's:

lots of crusty bread check

butter check

green tea check

lots of sweets check

trifles check

flaxseed oil check

vitamin b check

cranberry juice check

etc etc i suppose im well stocked to do this!!

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Siege mentality, like it !

On the upside you're halfway to clearing your body of nicotine, you may well be addicted to trifles but hey, a step in teh right direction !

Good luck


well done , arnt you doing fantastic - and if you have to hide away - thats great, and youve got the supplies in , excellent:D

what are you doin with all your time?


thanks horse, its good to know something is happening now, a step in the right direction :) i'm thinking i've eaten a few too many sweets, toffees and trifle for day 2 but hey we'll deal with that later!!


hi karri, hope all is going well and your doing good! im ok but the supplies are severely depleted, i never used to be a big eater but when im not smoking there's nothing much else to do! :)


thanks daizy, spend most of my time reading or just lazing on the sofa listening to music. not much else in the last few days to be honest but it is working. getting a little sick of being indoors but i'll be out soon, all for a good cause :D


Yeah siege is good, 27 cats and not bathing is bad. Best of luck