No Smoking Day
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Argh Tempted!!

Cant believe I managed not to use Nicotine last night. Ive picked up a bit of a niggle from my running, nothing serious, just a bit of inflmation on my hip so was digging out all the ibuprofen from my medicine draw because I want to use it for a week so will need a fair bit lol.

Then in the bottom of the draw I found them!! I thought I'd thrown them all out as Im so bad with temptation when I have them. Nicorette inhalator cartidges!!! two left in a pack!! I was so tempted to pop a pen lid through both ends and take a suck and get a sweet hit of nicotine!! But after being off nicotine for 3 months I managed not to, I never want to expose myself to it again! So I managed to get through the night and gave them to my mrs this morning, UNUSED!! That was a close call though lol.

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Good work Dave.

I'm only a week in but it's interesting that you were tempted by the inhalator, when did you stop getting tempted by actual cigs ?


Im always tempted by cigs lol. I dont think there is a time when that stops. Just have to stay strong. I dont want top be tempted by NRT either though as Ive used none by any method for nearly three months now. As nicotine itslef is still harmfull.


so happy u resisted dave :) if you hadnt have them in 3 months ya dont need them!! you are doing so well...congrats in passing that temptation :)


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