No Smoking Day
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Day 3 almost done

Another hour and a half and I will have done three days. Have to say it's not getting any easier.

I have been hypoglycaemic all my life, but my symptoms went away completely two years ago. They are back with a vengeance and I seem to be unable to balance my blood sugar levels, despite trying all the usual tricks. I also have the most phenomenal appetite. Because of underlying metabolic issues, it has taken me 12 months to lose 7lbs on a low carb diet and doing loads of exercise. I can see that going up the Swanee now. I think I may also be retaining water as I am drinking a lot and not peeing very much at all.

Finally, I have had about 7 hours sleep since I started this and I am beginning to flag. I have a history of poor sleep which got fixed when an underlying condition was finally treated, but I seem to be back to square one, waking at 4.00am. However, I have to say I was hypoglyaemic when I woke up this morning, despite 'grazing' all evening.

On the plus side, my dry mouth, which has been intensively investigated bhy hospital consultants over the years, seems to be a lot better.

Just one question - should I tell my husband I am doing this, or should I wait until he notices?

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