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Completed 3 months today !!!

Hi everyone

As you can see from my stats I have completed 3 months today and starting my forth month.

I really can't believe it, initially I wanted to quit for just a couple of weeks to have a break but ended up not wanting to smoke at all.

I really feel great and can exercise very hard at the gym without the loss of breath.

A s for my state of mind I still have the "feeling" of wanting one (and not the urge or a crave) especially in this sunny weather but it is very mild and not somthing I would complain about.

And finally I am saving quiet a bit of money and using it to have an eyes laser surgery on wednesday t ditch the glasses !

keep up the good work everyone and if I can do it anyone can !!!

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Congrats, I just passed three months recently and willbe 100 days tomtorrow, your doing great. Stay strong though as cravings and thoughts to smoke still hit me, I was out on saturday night again and came close but managed not to.


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