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Hello Day 3

I made it to Day 3 :D

Just in case there are "signature police" employed by NSD let me explain about the chopping and changing.

My day 1 started on Tuesday at 9.16pm. On day 2 I went out and there was a sort of bubbly pipe thing. It was all very exciting and I had a couple of plays on it - obviously I didn't want to be unsociable ;) After telling a few people about it I found out that it does actually contain tobacco which made me a bit :eek: I changed my signature so that I went back to day 1 but then thought why? I hadn't physically smoked a cigarette so I put it back to the original date/time.

Things are going great. A friend suggested a hpnosis cd and for me it was money well spent. I really do think my subconcious is being tapped into as I don't see cigarettes in the same light as I used to. I am not desperately craving and I am just having a "normal day", the only difference is it doesn't involve smoking.

If I feel a bit bored I put my quit song on

When the lines - it's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive - come on I belt it out with real conviction. I even have the customary hairbrush in my hand while doing it :D

I'm not going to do a post everyday as I don't want to speak too soon. No matter how good things are I know I am still very vulnerable.

Best wishes to everyone with their quits. For those of you that are in-between quits then don't give up giving up x x x

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You go girl!

Fantastic!! Keep it up!!!


In fairness HandIman I have smoked Shisha for years - I love it. And it's only tonight, having googled Shisha tobacco that I've found out it's got more cr*p in it that cigarettes.

i honestly always thought it was fruit 'tobacco' and know lots of people who don't smoke at all, but do smoke Shisha, so can completely understand how Karri thought it wasn't smoking.

Apples my favourite!:D


That's ok. Breathe whatever alternative to smoking fags you like. I'm going to stick to fresh air as much as I can, thanks.

Sorry if I sound abrupt. It's just that I learned earlier this week that one of my colleagues died of lung cancer, only three months after the diagnosis.

Of course he wasn't you or me, so why worry eh?


I'm so sorry to hear that HandIman, that's awful and so damn quick. His poor family and friends - and colleagues. So sorry my friend.

Kind of brings it home eh?

I wasn't advocating smoking Shisha by the way, haven't and won't touch mine now I've given up. Just defending/explaining ... whatever... how Karri might not have realised that it wasn't simply fruit.

Keep breathing fresh air. All of us.


Never heard of Shisha, I wondered what other funny stuff Karri had been up to!:o Keep going Karri, you are doing brilliant.

Sorry to hear about your colleague HandIman x


Hers is a big fat WELL DONE Karri on reaching day 3. Its great to hear you sounding so positive and happy. Im really pleased and happy for you.:)

Keep it up xxxxxx:)


Fantastic karri. It's great to hear you sounding so positive again. You'll be a week down before you know it! :D


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