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Hacking cough. Is it due?

I am now on day 10.

Doing well and still feeling 100% positive. I know this is my way of life now :)

I have read lots of things saying about quitters will experience a runny nose and barking cough that can occur from day 2.

Does anyone know if this is a definate thing that WILL happen or maybe it only happens to a percentage of people?

I feel fine but was kind of hoping for the hacking cough in a way, so then i know my lungs have had a good clear out. Strange i know.

Would also like to add in that i am shattered.

This 'keeping busy to keep my mind off of smoking' is wearing me out.

I'm getting so much done lately. I must have wasted so much time smoking. I always thought i never had enough time for anything but i always managed to find time to have a chuff in the garden. :confused:

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I'm halfway through week 14 and i'm still waiting for the cough!!!!

Instead of coughing i've had really bad pain between my shoulder blades. The doctor said that that was a sign of my lungs clearing out.

Well done for getting this far and I promise you it does get easier. I can go days without not thinking about smoking now.


Hi Karen.

Through talking to others I know that not everyone gets a cold and cough.

i have just passed the 8 month mark and have never had that cough (thank God!!).


You are doing really well. I am almost 9 weeks in and still no cough.


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