No Smoking Day
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finally..took a while but got here!

yay! i made it to day 2 and it wasnt easy. lol i think i had to get my mind to commit to the idea and until that happended i wasnt gonna get past day 1.

so many day 1s where i had 1 or 2 smokes instead of 20plus but even thats in the past now. for me the hardest part was getting started. i reckon i am stubborn enough to do it now i have started properly!

i did read somewhere that a habit or routine takes at least 3 weeks to begin to break. i reckon thats about right as i am now 3 1/2 weeks since starting champix and finally believe that now i can do it

am bizarely proud of a simple day 2 post :D

amazing feeling.

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You should be proud, it's not easy!

Well done Debbie - keep going!


well done :D i am also on my 2nd day today i slipped up and had one, once i had it i realised it was a mistake, and im just gonna carry on i was doing so well... but still... im so determined :D


Great job. Keep it up.. when ever you crave it just come here and read. Thats what I do. and I on the end of day 5.


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