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Been Stopped 10 Days


Im new to this site, but would like to share what's happening to me.

I stopped smoking 10 days ago, the first couple of days were bad, but now im feeling worse, im wakening up in the middle of the night craving a smoke.

Im on the NTR program using Lozenge Niquitin CQ 4ng Mint

The first week I was on about 10 a day, now Im on about 15 a day.

Im getting hot and cold sweats, shakes, moody, coughing alot and a tight chest.

I only registered here because I need a few tips for withdraw symptoms.

My mind is playing tricks on me saying "go on one wont hurt"

I have smoked most of my life 30 years, I know it wont happen over night, I also know where I have went wrong time and time again, no willpower...

But I feel this time I will do it,

Just taking every day as it comes.


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Thanks for the replies, A little tip

People say when you stop smoking you want to eat all the time, I found something out..... drink cool water and it fills you and puts oxygen back into your body


Hi Andy

Well done for quitting and many of the symptoms Yo describe are what many of us have gone through. Although I was on gum not lozenges 15 seems like a lot? Might be worth checking out how many a day you're supposed to use just in case!

Whatever, really good luck with the quit. Read everything you can abou smoking, use the links in people's signatures, stay on the forum and you will don this!


Well done Andy, just keep going. I've done 16 days ( zyban). Having weird sleep, but that's what we gotta get thru. I would take being a bit wonky rather than slowly killing myself by smoking. What is the point in smoking? Just don't get it. People who smoke properly smell too! I can here a guy outside my office smoking and really coughing but STILL smoking, that's bad.

Try eating citrus fruits, I found a sharp grapefruit best. Makes your mouth zingy and nice. Lots of water and line yourself up a treat for when u get to 2 weeks.


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