No Smoking Day
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A month today!!!!!

I cant believe it!!!

Its a month today (7th March) that I quit!!

This is the longest quit I've ever achieved and Nosireeee am I ever going back on them stinkin faaaggss!!

I walked past a man this morning who was waiting for his lift and the smell of smoke turned my stomach. I was never really a morning smoker anyway but that just turned me right off.

Thank God (and Pfizer) for Champix...I really dont think I could have ever done it without them but I have and I will keep positive and happy!!

My OH has also quit a month today, I think he's in more shock about me quitting as he is himself!

Now, If I could just get a decent nights sleep...(bloody champix :mad::p)

Best of luck to everyone - especially the newbies!!! You really can do it!!!

Mind over matter!!! :D

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Well done!!! It's a great feeling isn't it?

Keep going strong.



Congratulations :D


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