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Yes Another Smoke Free Day For Me

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day !

Today is another smoking free day for me. Even my hubby is shocked I have lasted this long. lol (Think he was expecting me to fail misserably) ! I think alot of people were expecting me to fail which is actually making me more determined to prove them wrong as well. It's not their fault in thinking that way they just knew how addicted I was and how much I thought I needed to smoke.

I am feeling good :D, I am so calm actually, so it looks like 25 years of puffing away on 25 ciggies a day actually made me more hyper, anxious and more nervous for some weird reason. Is it the calm before the storm, I dont know but what I do know is that I do not even feel like I need to have a cigerette so that has to be a good sign.

I could go buy a packet at any time, no one is stopping me but I am choosing not too but I dont feel the need to either.

Talking of which, by not smoking I have saved £75.00 and over the course of a year it would be £2900, its a 2 week holiday abroad, new clothes, shoes, bags etc. Scary eh.

16 days on champix and 9 days smoke free, I really could not have done it without them. I have to also say that each time I have had a craving and been quite down I have came on here and read all your posts which has helped more than you know, you lot remind me why I am quitting and I am not the only one going through this either. So thanks for that and all your posts, they really are helping us all.

I have little cravings as such, the physical side is less and less as well, I would say night time is the worst when I am sitting watching the tv or I am bored. My daughter and I are going to start going out each night ME- Walking / Her - Jogging lol that should help pass that time. THAT IS WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING FROM THE SKYS plus I get excercise into the bargain.

I am going to cut down my dose to one tablet per day and I am hoping that will cut down the side effects, wind, bloating, nausea so I will see how that goes. If I feel that I am starting to think cigs again I will go back onto the 2 per day.

I can smell rain again, I dont need to use a half bottle of perfume for me to smell it on me anymore, and my house smells so much fresher, I would have argued with you till the cows came home that I would have never smell of smoke or anyone would have thought I was a smoker at all, errmmmm I was soooo burying my head in the sand.

Anyway, keep the posts coming and also all the links too, they are helping so many people and I am one of them.

I do have to say that the vivid dreams I have been having have been good lol ;) hot n steamy, so that side effect I quite like. lol

If someone said to me a month ago that I would be smoke free for 9 days I would have laughed. It just shows you ITS ALL ON THE MIND, it tricks us into thinking we need it when we really dont.

Well enjoy the rest of your day.

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looby, you seem to be doing so great!! really happy for ya:D keep it up and you have proved to everyone that you can do it and how strong you are! hope the good reports continue!!:)


I am happy

Thanks, Im feeling good and I am a woman on a mission lol

I am just thinking of all the clothes, bags, shoes, holidays I can have with the money I would spend of ciggies.

It has to be a better option.

I just hope that me being this happy lasts lol lol


Hi linda

I quit on the same date as you and you are really inspiring me with your funny and positive messages. I am on Champix too and I feel so lucky that the only side effects I am experiencing are vivid dreams and disturbed sleeps, but I think that's because I am also drinking about 3 glasses of wine every night lol.

I really find that having a few drinks helps even though I would have thought drinking would drive me to smoke. I just need a guilty pleasure at the moment!!

I am going out dancing twice a week and going to zumba classes twice a week too, and keeping myself very busy at weekends. The time has flown since I last smoked, but I still think about smoking a lot.

The physical urges are not too strong, but I tend to think a lot 'if I was still smoking I would definitely be having a cigarette right now' and it makes me feel a bit sad that I can't, but I just have to carry on being strong and thinking about how crap the fag would taste being on Champix, and how guilty I would feel afterwards.

Also, there are a few alcoholics in my family who are on anti-booze tablets which make them feel really sick when they drink so they can't drink at all. If they can give up drinking, which really is mind altering and relaxing at all that goes with it, then I can give up smoking, which really does nothing for you at all.

Life goes on without cigs relatively easily actually, whereas I think I would find dieting or giving up drinking much much harder!

good luck to everyone and thank you to all of you for giving me strength and inspiration!

Maria xx


Well Done Maria

Your right about our mind, mine is working overtime trying to push me into having just one more..... but im not giving up,, giving up lol

Yes I feel awful, but it will pass.

Andy x


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