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Update 1 week completed Had Weigh in :- Gutted !

Sorry guys

I am back for a 2nd time today, I am so gutted. my weight has gone up 5lbs in week one, Im no Happy :confused:

So is it a combination of me eating and on champix or is it just me eating. Ive been eating so much sugerfree mints Im so sick of them as well.

Totally gutted really, and its like your suceeding in one and then here comes along something else and thats it.

I dont want to be a ROLLY POLLY NON SMOKER, god I am doomed ! That would make me really happy to be that !

Totally utterly nae happy !:(

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being quit is more important than weight gain I think. Weight you can lose when you are ready. I would rather be heavier and quit. xxx


Oh Looby I can so relate, I was overweight when I started this and I'm EVEN more over-weight now.

I have joined Slimming Club and my group leader was wonderful and everyone cheered when they heard I've given up smoking! Basically their attitude is as long as I don't put on weight I have effectively lost weight - if that makes any sense?:confused:

I'm trying really hard to lose weight but I'm taking the attitude that if I HAVE to eat then I'll do that rather than smoke. I have no clothes that fit and I feel dreadful, but I am now able to do lots more exercise so I'm hoping that as I go through the quit I can do more and more exercise and this will help me shift the bulk.

I know everyone is going to say 'oh don't worry about the weight the quits more important' and my head tells me they're right. But they aren't in my jeans (and the problem is neither am I:D). However thank St Lycra and the fashion for leggings and tell yourself that you'll eat salad when the weather gets better!

Oh btw sugar free stuff bloats you, so you'll probably find at least half is water retention!


Thanks for that, I am definately bloated with champix and as you say also eating sugerfree stuff alot of the time (sucking on sweets) I am full of hot air (lol). I am going to totally watch what I am eating now.

I really do understand that the quit is important but for me I have to control the weight too because If I dont I will be really unhappy and I know I would be. If I can at least try and keep a track on that and not let it get out of hand then it will fall into place, if I let the weight get out of hand, I will be fighting two battles and not just one.

God life is not simple is it. I am proud that I have not smoked really I am I just felt so bad earlier after my weigh in and tried to think of what I have ate all week because I did not think I was that bad at all but obviously I have been.

I now just need to walk past the fridge as well as the cigerette kiosk.

Thanks for advice and support, this is my first ever time in trying to stop smoking so I am doing good really, 1st day of 2nd week tomorrow, just need to stay focussed.


Hi Linda,

I do understand where you are coming from. When I quit for 2 years (get me lol) I put a load of weight on so quickly. I joined a rosemary conley class. Lost the weight, got fit (for the first time ever lol) & still stayed quit & I felt fantastic. Whatever it is you are doing, when you see the results you want it, spurs you on (does me)

Just don't do the other 'me' thing which is to take too much on at once. Do what feels good for you. If you are worried about your weight take up some classes, go for a walk every day. Focus on being able to breathe that fresh air. Enjoy life & enjoy being free :D


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