5 whole weeks tomorrow

Hi to all you lovely peeps. Well as you may remember i was very down the other day but today sunday i am feeling a lot better. I have been looking at some ways to try and relax so been focusing on that. Its weird i think about the fag but i dont want one i told my hub this morning your breath smells like a badgers arse. Not that i know wot a badgers arse pongs like lol. I have noticed that i day dream a bit like a fart in a trance but you know what its a cool feeling like you are detached from whats going on around you. No im not mad am i. I suppose that im alone on this one......but am i. I just love this forum and so proud to be here. And whoever reads this i hope you are all doing well. I want to be Healty, wealthy and wise. Jacqui ;)

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  • Jacqui

    Just wanted to say I loved your post, 'fart in a trance' really made me smile :D You sound really chilled. Well done on 5 weeks :)

    Rachel xx

  • Well done on 5 weeks :D

    I went through a stage of feeling as though I was dreaming but it has passed now.

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