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No Smoking Day
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I'm still here!!

Well, despite my initial wobblings on my positivity yesterday, I'm haven't had a ciggie and I'm feeling good!! :D

It is just those moments when you reach for a fag out of habit - it's quite disconcerting!! ;)

So far, the Champix is really helping - I don't have those cravings, just an occasional "I quite fancy a smoke" which is easy to dismiss.

I'm actually looking forward to today! :)

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Yaaaay! Well done Sarah! Knew you could do it!

You are so right, it's the ones you have by habit that you need to overcome. I had a moment this morning when I just automatically thought 'oh I'll just a have fag before doing this" D'OH!!

Keep going, you can do this!!!


Brilliant Sarah, well done! Enjoy the positive moments as these are the times to think about just in case we have 'wobble' days. Well, it's what works for me so far anyway! Have a fantastic day =)


Thanks Guys! Had another good day - apart from a slightly difficult half hour this afternoon, all is well! :)

Really looking forward to tomorrow - I have the day off work and am going out for the day with my best friend, who is a non smoker. It will be lovely not to have to apologise all the time! :o

Roll on Day 3! :D


Well done, you are doing great :D


Woop woop!!

Keep it up!

H x


Go sarah!

Great work,keep on going well done you!


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