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Hello I have just joined the forum. I had my last puff on 28/2/2011. I am pleased to say that I am on day 28. This is my 3rd and final attempt to quit forever and ever.

I tried quitting last year for 3months but the dreaded fag got the better of me, on 2 occasions . But by Feb I know I had to physic myself up because I so much wanted to quit. I am pleased that I managed to do it. And I feel very strong within myself willpower and determination.

I am on 1mg Lozenge and just use when I really need it. I was on the patch for the first week of quit, but then i just did not bother using I got fed up with sticking it on myself.

Well I hope everybody is doing well.



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Hi Jacqui,

28 days is a fabulous achievment so well done, pat on the back for you! You prob already know it isnt an easy road, 3 months was a long time to quit for. Maybe this time you know what you have to loose.

Everytime I get a bad crave, I think how bad it would be to go back to the early days of the crying and screaming and tantrums and moods and sleep problems and that perks me up a bit.

Good luck!

Jill xxx


Thanks to all

Morning thanks for reading my post. I must admit i have had mood swings and tantrums. My hub smokes but he is very supportive. And he smokes in the garden whatever the weather. So indoors smells fresh. I know what im up against making it to 3months and i will succeed this time. I get on my exercise bike too. Food tastes so much better but i have to try and limit the chocolate. Well day 29 today start of 5 weeks. Good luck everyone. Jacqui


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