No Smoking Day
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Day One (came early)

Hello all,

I have quit smoking! I was going to quit on Thursday, but after a night out on the tiles Saturday night and being hungover yesterday - i decided it was better to quit there and then.

I'm using patches (step 2) - i've used them before and have quit for 6 months.

I'm also going to take long walks (maybe half an hour) every evening. I have stocked up on plenty of sweets.

Any other useful tips?

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Hiya Hanko

Good luck with your quit, for me i found changing my routine at the times where i'd associate smoking, keeping busy, reading all the information on here that i could

walks are good :) i really should do that

let us know how you get on

Jane x


Well done for making the decision :D

Tips I would give are deep breaths, expand your lungs the same way you would have when smoking when a craving comes. Sips of water, reading a good book, a bath (simply becasue I loved the fact I could smell all the nice smells for ages after), eating copius amounts of anything you can get your hands on and worry about the weight when you are settled. Do anything that makes you forget and not feel bad.

As you prob already know, the first week is the hardest and after that it gets a bit easier.

Good Luck

Jill xxx


Hi Karri - The reason i started smoking again after six months was celebrating my exam results. It was such a good feeling i just needed to have a few with a couple of pints. Stupid really - i was doing so well.

I find it really difficult the first few weeks. Later on around 1 to 2 months it gets easier but harder in a different way. e.g. you feel like you could just have a couple on a night out and feel you'll be fine the day after. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.


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