No Smoking Day
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My reasons

My reasons behind quitting


avoidance of the smokers face in old age


unfair on daughter

it is so un cool today

i did smoke that many i use to feel sick amount was creeping up

feeling on teeth :eek:

the smell of smokers is horrible

paying to kill myself

had enough

noticing eye wrinkles at 27 ... :eek:

not getting i.d'd anymore !! :D

it is a nasty habit

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Thank you

i had been smoking for ten years.. a heavy smoker at that. Defo more than 25 a day - yikes lol !!


I was 17 just a young social smoker!! i blame my mate ha ha !! we use to go out every night at weekend and id have some of her ciggies started buying my own just to go out with.. had them left over during week thought id try them which i still found horrid (without alcohol) and well the nicotine monster had me !! i enjoyed my ten years with him but it is time to say goodbye ! thanks for your reply :D

Day 8 the thoughts of smokes are getting less and less.. once a thought is there is quickly goes away.. hmmm its absololutely crazy!. Tried Zyban patches gum lozengers inhalahator.. back on patches now 24hr ones nicotinell they are working wonders. Having dizzy spells thats about it. I think this is it im sooo proud!


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