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Day 22 - Just popping by!

Just dropping in to say HI! and announce (mostly to myself) that I am on day 22 of absolutely no smoking!

I'm really impressed with Champix. I tried to quit several times over the past 5 years, using nicotine gum and lozenges. The longest I ever went without a smoke was three days and I always ended in failure - alternating smokes with nic gum :p

My undoing was usually going to the pub with friends who smoke. Now I can go for a pint with smokers or non-smokers and never feel the urge the light up!

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Oooo - thanks Karri - that makes me feel better:)


Well done :D


day22 and bored

day 22 a fantastic acheivment but novelty has wore off feel totally flat, got some bad news yesterday still digesting it cant smoke it away, so thought id come on here and have a WHINGE AND A WHINE AND PULL AFACE:eek:



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