No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Hi all!

Well day 2 is here and i feel......strange!!!

I slept well last night, vivid dreams but none of them horrible. This morning i feel like i'm missing something. Got snappy with the kids, the washing machine and the iron!:(

It's just occured to me though, i'm feeling down because i miss my fags, but actually, i should be celebrating! This is what i wanted, i chose to stop smoking, i should get a grip and look at the positives, not the negatives!

Work will be easier, no more trying to find the time to nip out, kids will be happier (already are!), friends will stop nagging me and best of all, i'll improve my health and bank balance! Woohoo, so actually, today is a fab day!!!:)

Thanks guys, it really helps coming on here!

Hope your all doing well today xxxx:D

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Good for you Looby!... it really does get better along the road too!!!

Just take it one day at a time and you will do good....


Hi Looby,

Day 2, well done :D I found the first 3 days the hardest and you are nearly past that. Your positive attitude will get you far. Try and reinforce your reasoning for stopping when you are having a hard time.

Good Luck!!!



Well done :D


Well done looby.

Day 3 for you now!!! :)


Hi looby....well done on your day 2 :) your right to think of it like a celebration, what a lovely way to see it. As it stands now i say to myself I might want one....but I dont need one :) ..hope this helps a little.. good luck


Wwll done Looby! All the guys on here are great we will all support you. And when you feel weak think of your kids. (I think of my grandson):)


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