No Smoking Day
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here we go

are you out there lula?

my day started as normal - just with a patch , and i have loaded my inhalor up , and its ready to go incase of an emergency.

got lots of very householdy things to do today, so gona be around alot , but busy

just considering what my first treat for myself could be after i have quit a week - maybe a new hobby , although these can be hard to get into with young kids

right im rambling

gonna get myself going


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Here I am! So far so good, but I'm usually ok until eves anyway.:)


Good luck!!! xxxx


thanks looby - and nice work lula

im havin one of 'those' days already - glad i got the inhalator, being able to have somthing, has been useful once already , even though i just took a couple of puffs

well heading towards the afternoon now :)

and heres a - :mad: - to inspire you lula


still here!

lost my patch at some point this afternoon - it was stuck to the inside of my jumber :eek: - that would be why i was gagging - popped a new one on now :rolleyes:


Just checking in - so far so good, just worried it's going ok cos i'm so focused on this one day at a time get myself through am saying "i can smoke tomorrow", and at the mo, feel like i actually will. Hope i feel diff tomoz


well done lula- you are doing so fantastically - try just using the same mindset tomorrow - i reay want to see you get through those 72 hours :)

karri that made me laugh - i would have been mortified :eek:

for me day 1 i say is done - as i can go to bed now if i really want . ive been really appreciating the little inhalor thingy - it gives me the 'arrrhhh' feeling like when i smoke - feel a little like i am cheating, but ho hum , ive not had a fag, although i think i may need more cartridges :o

not been too tough :)


thanks karri thats very kind of you - ill let you know how i get on with it, but i have to say its been great today, kinds of stops that deprived feeling


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