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Aaron Day 1

Hey guys - started my own thread with updates on my progress etc...

Popped the patch on a 5am this morning then made the mistake of falling back to sleep for an hour and had a very strange dream.

Seems to be the longest day ever, the patches seem to be working but every now and again I get the urge to have a fag.

Guess it'll be hard as I use to smoke btw 20 and 30 aday and now my body has to adjust - keep feeling sick and arms and legs feel weak, but all in all I am ok - just sitting here typing to you guys and doing some work which keeps my mind off the smokes!

Best of luck to anyone else starting today and to those on days 2/3/4 etc.

Best wishes always


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Brilliant you are battling back. The first few days you notice so many changes it's all quite exciting.

Keep going and before you know it you will be on day 2 :)

Thanks Karri...

Starting to get a little harder as the day gets longer, head hurting a bit now as is my body in general grrrrr kinda getting p***y with people too.

Just hope all the stress and pain is worth it hehe

best wishes



Hi there :)

The day may get tougher as it progresses and this evening may well come with a fresh renewed wave of challenges. It may get easier and surprise you.

Try not to sit and ponder on how tough it is and how pissey your feeling. Instead congratulate yourself on a day smokefree almost met and get yourself either reading to help gain an understanding of what's ahead or have a plan of positive replacements you can fill your time with. Keep water besides you and if need be, reduce your caffeine intake. Try not to get overly mardy with your nearest and dearest .... t'is better to have them on side ;)

Patches help reduce cravings but won't stop them. They make the early stages possibly better for some .... they helped me a lot, once I'd reduced in initial strength but I finished them early. A useful stepping stone to help you along the early journey :)

As for the surreal dreams .... most folk regardless of quit method get them :cool:

All the best with your evening, see you in Day 2 tomorrow.


Hi Aaron

Really well done on keeping going. The first few days are hard - I gave up completely and spent the first day in bed and the second lolling around doing nothing!

Keep going it will get easier, and as Pol says the patches do help but they don't get rid of every craving.

Keep posting and best of luck!


Aww Thanks guys - you are all right

Need to find summet to do - have drank loads of coffee today - will try the water thing 2moz. Decided to edit some old videos together tonight so that will keep my mind off the fags - feel quite tired but really need to get back into a pattern - I'm not the best of sleepers at the best of times.

Day 1 complete soon then look ahead to Day2 2moz - might take a stroll down the south bank and go for a walk and coffee - no work 2moz so bit of me time, NOT FAG TIME! hehe

Thanks again guys - you are all great

best wishes as ever

aaron x


Nice one, Aaron :)

New things generally always feel a bit/lot strange but eventually things will balance again. As well as the water Pol mentions also think about increasing your vitamin A and C intake. That tip isn't said in terms of making things easier but rather that our bodies deplete in these vitamins in our early quitting days.

Give yourself a massive pat on the back for the near day done and look forward to the next. Read around on the forum and also dip into links that we have in our sigs. There are masses of information but if you do have specific queries then post them up.

Another suggestion to think about is that you may wish to take the patch off later on so that you can more easily drop off to sleep.

Later ;)


I was a bit like that on day 1 of one of my many quits and then wondered the next day why no-one was talking to me :D

It will be worth it when you start seeing the fruits of your labour :)

I found listening to music through earphones really beneficial as it relaxed me. If all else fails punch a traffic warden

PMSL Love the image Karri! :D:D


The first couple of days do seem longer than a normal day but it gets easier. Keep going on you will soon be into day 2 :)



Well done you! I'm nearly at the end of my day 1 too, have kept myself busy and am completely knackered! I'm getting headaches and being a bit snappy but i feel really proud of myself! :D

Take care and see you on day 2!!


I hear ya looby - 2day has been pretty hell - tried to stay busy but gets gets worse the more I try - this evening has been hard, about 7pm it crept up on me and started to feel ill and quite down - patches seem to be working, I think its all in my mind the actual smoking thing so heres hoping It will clear in a week or two.

thanks for all your help guys

until tomorrow

nite nite (I wont add a good there as it aint been to good) lol

best wishes



day 2 gone wrong

Hi Guys,

well I was beaten this morning - felt really sick, started hallucinate - was txting and ringing my friend asking her why she p****d off from the party.

was in agony about 11am, in the end took the patch off, had a puff, then once I had that I was sick lol - half an hour later put the patch on and told myself I WONT BE BEAT BY THESE VILE THINGS!!!

I never realised how hard it would be - well done to everyone that has gone further than me.

I feel like a let down - let myself and everyone else down! :(

I will beat this bitch lol

warm wishes



day 1 saturday - again.....

Hey Karri,

Well I failed - set myself a new date for This Saturday - wasn't really wise doing it at the start of the week esp when I had quite a bit of work on, so decided to start this saturday and then at least I am away from work for the first and worst two days - this time I will beat those buggers grrrrrr

best wishes always



The side effects of giving up smoking were a huge shock to me. I really must have had my head up in the clouds cause I thought it was just the cravings I would have to deal with......then I started to read and read and read. Lack of sleep, vivid dreams, restless, no concentration....the list goes on. If I can suggest one thing to you as your quit date aproaches read up as much as you can so you will know what 'may' happen to your body then you will not be as shocked or scared. Post on here as much as you want or need to.

(I remember posting a few times total rubbish cause I just needed to let off steam as a craving wave came over me.)

Everyone on here is or has gone through what you are going through and we all understand and want to support each and every person along the path to a healthier and happier life as a non smoker.

Good luck and keep posting so we know how your doing :)


Hi there guys,

Karri as ever always a help - sounds like you have been here a few times so I aint on my own.

Had 5 fags Tuesday (not bad for me tbh) then by Wednesday I was up to my own tricks again - today I am trying to have one maybe every couple of hours - got lots of work to do so that should entertain me.

Timetostop - I hear you there - tbh the first day was hell, but the 2nd for me until 11.30 was the worst - my head hurt, body ache, kept shaking, the weird dreams really did me and had a really weird dream from some angel and as a rule I don't believe in any of that - kinda shook me.

The pain got so bad in the end I had a fag - it went away after a while, then I put the patch back on, then few hours later it beat me and I threw it in the bin.

Saturday is the new day - going to have Monday and Tuesday as 'me' days - I think the first week will be the tester for me, but with the help of my friends and family and new friends from this site I CAN BLOODY DO IT!!!

Will deffo keep posting and let you all know how I get on - the budget has kinda put me off to - my Embassy are like over 7 quid a packet now - sod that!

many thanks to each and everyone of you

best wishes always


smoke until 26th March


I wish you luck with your quit, the first few days really are the worst but it does get better.


day 1 again today - so far so good!

Hi Guys,

Well after two failed attempts I have started again today - this time I have brought plenty to chew on - got few work projects on the go to keep my brain ticking over and was also told to buy vitamins and these will feed my body.

I snapped all fags up before bed last night and put them in the bin - the patch has been on since half 5 and seems to be working fine - need to stop drinking tea - but pretend water tastes like tea hehe.

Think the last couple of weeks were bad weeks and with one thing and another everything went wrong!

This time those buggers will be beat!!

Will keep you updated

best wishes as always



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