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A sudden day 1

I had my last smoke at 10:45 this morning during my tea break. Stopping smoking this time was unplanned (its been at the back of my mind for the last two weeks, but I kept procrastinating on the exact day) So today I just stopped - enough is enough . Usually I smoke about 20 a day... I've been smoking since I was 18 and this year I'm turning 26.

I've been wanting to quit for ages. This is my second attempt - last year I managed to not smoke for 10 days, but then I gave in...sort of lost motivation and had no energy left to convince myself not to smoke - after being so positive in the first few days :-(

Stopping smoking the first time made me feel quite depressed... it was like something I loved had died and was never coming back and those little smoke breaks in my day when I "rewarded" myself had been taken away.

This time I hope I can do it. I hate everything about smoking. I'm going to try my hardest to not light up, taking it each day at a time. I already smell better :-). Today after work I'm going to do some kickboxing, and punch the cravings out of my body. Then I'm going to have a nice, long soak in the bath and have a delicious, healthy dinner. Tomorrow morning will be tough. But I'm going to try to get through it.

So this is my stop smoking declaration to all of you who understand.

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Welcome aboard Millie

You will find lots of useful info on this site - especially in peoples signatures.

The general advice is read read read, that way you will arm yourself with all the tools needed to fight this battle!! :D

Good luck and post as often as you need - its a great distraction.


Hi Millie!

Welcome! You'll find us here to keep you going when you reach that 'I just can't be bothered any more' stage :) Very often the sudden quits are suprisingly effective... Thinking enough is enough is all you need to get you through the tough first few days.

We're also here not just for moral support but in a lot of people's signatures you'll find links that may provide you guidance or motivation that maybe otherwise you wouldn't have found. So have a good look around and I hope to see you on the day 2 thread tomorrow!


Hi Millie, Welcome :)

My quit was rather hurried in it's start, grudgingly accepted and really only meant to last 8 weeks. It's now a 17 month old quit :)

Your already thinking ahead to your evening time and have some great positive distractions planned.

Keep filling the gap that stopping smoking will leave in the initial period with healthy positive replacements ..... you'll do great.

Read ahead a bit of your time quit, get a feel of you may expect, be prepared and own your quit, nurture it :cool:

I look forward to following your journey.

All the best



GOOD LUCK MILLIE . This is the most important thing you can ever do in your life. Iv' been wanting to quit since i started over 40 years ago, and now i have.and i wish id done it a lot sooner. the first cigarette was ok ish, the next five million were vile. Just do it



Welcome Millie, take each day as it comes :)


Good Luck Millie, hopefully today is day 2 for you.

I PROMISE you this gets easier over time!

We are here to support you



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