No Smoking Day
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Da 12

Am absolutely amazed, but very proud that I'm still here - SMOKE FREE.

Survived a mega drinking weekend which had been planned for ages. Was dreading it -alcohol and no smoking! I was not only surrounded by alcohol but was also in the presence of smokers. It didn't bother me!!! Can't quite believe it but it really did just go over my head, never really had a craving - even when really drunk!!! In fact when I left a nightclub where all the smokers were gathered outside the smell was overpowering and actually turned me completely off - not on!!! No wonder my husband has been saying for years how badly I stink!!! Even he was impressed that being away for the weekend I wasn't tempted to smoke.

Feel great at the moment. Hope this feeling continues. Well done everyone. We're doin' good!!! :)

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Well done Juliee, that's fantastic! Clever you!!


Well done :D


Juleee, good to see you still smoke free too. I went out drinking the past weekend and survived too!!!! Ive noticed it does get easier...

Keep it up!


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