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day 17


I am so proud that I have made it to day 17 without a smoke. It has not been without temptation though, like other people I have thought about buying just 10 cigs telling myself they won't harm, but of course deep down I know they will so I have managed so far to talk myself out of buying any. Still having smoke related dreams, last night I dreamt I was working in a bar and emptying ash trays all night long, I could even smell them, lol, and if thats not enough to put anyone off smoking I don't know what is the smell of dirty ashtrays is revolting. Its my birthday tomorrow so I will be out celebrating with my hubby and friends so I will need to keep my willpower going for that. My husband has never smoked so has no idea of the torment one goes through on quitting so is not really very supportive, just moans about me being irritable, although I am sure he is pleased I no longer smell of cigs. I have decided that stopping smoking is easy its the wanting to smoke thats so difficult, I so want the wanting to stop. I am sure it will one day I just need to hang on till that day comes.

smoked 30 cigs a day for 30 years

smoked last cig 4 March 2011

method willpower and chewing gum

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Well done. You're doing well.

I know the husband thing only too well!!! I must say that my husband is not very supportive with things like this and is of the mindset - just stop smoking!!! But remarkably he did say yesterday that I was doing well. And we are - DOING WELL!!!

Really well done - both of you!!!

Keep it going it WILL get easier! :D

You are doing so well and a happy birthday for tomorrow :D

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