No Smoking Day
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Day 14

14 days!!!!!!!!! :D:D can't believe i've got this far i'm really happy

i haven't had much money over the last 2 weeks which has helped and been the driving force but it's not my only reason for wanting to stop, today is payday and thoughts are running through my head wouldn't hurt to go and buy some now i have money, i want a cig etc etc think i've focused on today too much

I don't particulary want/need one it's just my head playing games i think :rolleyes:

get through today and i know it will be easier, i'm writing here because i don't want to give in

hope your all doing ok

Jane x

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be strong

:pKeep up the good work Jane ;) Im on day 14 too and Im very proud of myself because on Saturday night I got extremely drunk and didnt have one Cig, which is a first in a very very long time :D..... Im more determined than every now and like you have been skint the past few wks but feel much better knowing my pennies aren't gonna be spent on smelly fags anymore

Be strong you can do it. xxxxxxx:D


Thank you, i'm not going to give in :D i knew today was just going to be an iffy day and it's my own fault lol shouldn't have focused on it so much, have had a few cravings this morning but they're in my head i don't want to smoke and i won't

Posting on here really helps and i really appreciate all your support

Jane x


Well done Lennie, hope tomorrow is a better day for you :)


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