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Closing in on 504 hrs (21 Days)

At midnight tonight, i will be on 21 days smoke free and i have never felt better. I am currently working 13 hour days at the moment and the temptation, has been there. Saying only one, or only buy a 10 pack, and you will be able to quit again. But i keep on stopping myself. I dont want to undo all the good work i have done so far. It is stressful, but i know i will be even more stressed and dissappointed if i do smoke.

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Really well done Don, especially dealing with punishing hours at work and stress.

You are so right to NOT have that 'just one' or buy the little tiny packet of 10. It would be fatal. But hey you know that, so I'll shut up now!!

Go Don!!


Hang tough Don. Well done for not caving in. One is too many, and a hundred thousand is not enough.

Think about how proud you are right now to make it 21 days, and recall that thought when the craves stop you in your tracks.

Looking forward to your day 22 post


Happy 21 days, stay strong! :D


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