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Can't believe I found the strength to quit!!!!

Hi everyone I'v just joined, still finding my way round the forum so hope I post this thread OK :confused:

I gave up nastynic 9th March so am on day 10 today!! I cant believe it.... I have actually found the strength to do this after 30+ yrs of smoking I so so want to succeed I really want to do this for my family and for myself!!!!

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Welcometo the forum, you've made the right choice by quitting and joining us here online. Into your 2nd week already, bet you'd never thought that would ever happen?, you should be really proud of yourself.:D

Keep that positive attitude and the reasons for your quit at the forefront of your mind as they make an excellent defence to fight Mr Nico Demon. ;)

Good luck with your quit and don't forget we're ALL here to help, advise or just to cheer your day up :D



Welcome and well done! You've shown so much strength in getting to that day 10 and your attitude is just so positive and fantastic! Keep with it - you'll see it's the best decision you've ever made in your life!

Like Pete says, feel free to post on here rain or shine :)


Thanks everyone your support means so much! I know I'll be back every day and posting lots ;)


Hi Mand1

Welcome aboard and really well done on getting so far already - fab!

This forum is brilliant, you can rant, rave, find things out, have a laugh or get whatever help you may need!

Keep up the brilliant work!


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