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Day 8

Into day 8 and doing great. Just finishing my last nightshift at work, thought these 4 nights were going to be hard but I only seemed to get a craving at the very end of my 12 hour shifts. I'm still surprised I've made it this far on my first (hopefully my only) attempt. I'm down to 2 sticks of wrigley's chewing gum a day and I'm even managing to leave the lollipops alone :).

Hope everyone else is having as easy a time as I am, if not hang in there. As I keep saying, if I can do it anyone can.

See you in 4 days time (only use a computer at work).:)


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Well done MALLAS

Good luck in the next 4 days! See you then!


Congratulations! Glad you're having a relatively easy time. Stay on your guard, though.

Enjoy your days off,



Enjoy your days off, well done :D


four days! nail biting stuff! now am i going to spend four days wondering if you are still cig free!!

well done mallas, very inspiring posts, wishing you the best in your quit :)


Hi Mallas & well done :D I too am on day 8 today and also feeling great with it. It does get easier as the days go on, which I didn't think it would at first. Well Im glad we are happily getting there :o have a good break and we will look forward to your update when you come back on x Kerry x


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