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Day 9

Day 9 and am having my first glass of wine since quitting. BAD MOVE. I am now on here cos if I wasn't I'd be hot footing it down the shop to buy a pack of fags!!!

Got a girlie weekend of partying coming up - which judging by the last half hour - I will have to remain tea total for the whole weekend or face the cravings from hell.

Was doing really well till today. I guess the answer is no alcohol until I'm way, way into the quit. :(

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To be honest, just feel like crying1 Are there NO innocent pleasures in life. Today - the whole quitting thing just seems BORING! :(


Julie, you can do this you just need to get your mind back in the right place.

For me, I did not give anything up, ie., coffee wine etc because I knew if I felt deprived it would be my excuse to head to the shops. You can still enjoy wine, I do most nights:D I savour the fact it tastes so much better - taste buds are great you know ( I didnt know for 30 years it seems!!)

I tend to open a bag of wotsits or something and then fiddle with a toothpick to get rid of them - keeps hands busy !!!!

Good Luck xx


Just had the NHS quit guy on the phone! He was nice! feel a bit better already!!

thanks guys. This forum is FAB!:)


Juliee - hang in there. There's a feeling that kicks in when the nicotene is gone and the initial high of quitting wears off - most people go through a stage of feeling really low, and wondering whether it's worth the hassle. And it doesn't help when you feel you have to deprive yourself of other pleasures in order to stay with the quit.

But this bit won't last forever. If you don't think you can get away with having a drink at the moment then don't do it, you've come too far to risk losing your quit. But you will be fine a bit later on when you feel stronger, it's not like you can never drink again! I found personally that I could manage a glass of wine without any problem, it's getting p*ssed that's the dangerous thing :D

Stay strong!



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