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Day 13 not good

had a really hard day today. had to go hospital to have my cast off my wrist. been on for 12 weeks. decided to leave off and see how i am in 2 weeks. its really hurting , more then when i first broke it err. didnt even xray it . i walked out to wait for hubby and there were smokers everywhere. i tried to stay out of way. i have my inhalator with me so i used that until he got there to pick me up. ever since i seem to of been shruggling. i know i can get through this. just wish my wrist would stop hurting that would really help.:( right enough of moaning. hope youve all had a good day. crest xx

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Poor you! Sometimes unusual events like that can spark off a bit of a bad patch of cravings, but keep fighting through, it will get better.

Hope the pain goes away soon. xxx


So sorry Crest.

I've not broken anything either, but friends and family have and I don't think it's meant to hurt when the cast comes off. Ache or feel a bit weird maybe, but surely not hurt?

You did so very well though with the quit. It's so much harder when you're not feeling right. Well done you!


Another one who has never broken anything but it doesn't sound right.

Well done for getting through it, I associate pain with smoking alot, I have spent many a night with toothache (dental phobia) crying my eyes out but still managing to puff away. You have done well to stay strong.


hi crest IV HAD LOTS OF BROKEN BONES AND NEVER HAD MUCH PAIN AFTER THE CAST CAME OFF,BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN THAT SOMETIMES IT WILL be painful. I'D PHONE CASUALTY AND MY GP, MAKE A PROPER NUISANCE OF MYSELF.PLEASE DONT USE It AS AN EXCUSE TO SMOKE IT WONT MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY[SICK OF CAPITALS] you've done brilliantly for reaching 13 days, me too thats nearly 2 weeks iv just locked myself out of my flat wot a stress. i think Hells bells's quote about pebbles & mountains is brilliant, im seeing my lockout as a pebble, a challenge that will pass.

one hour at atime. one challenge at a time one day at a time. nicotines a crap drug and i wont suffer the humiliation of it beating me:p

all the best to everyone



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