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Day 4!!

:DHi all, just joined this site...I've been reading the posts the last 2 days and they have SO helped!!

I have made it to day 4!! Can't believe it...still sucks sometimes. Wish I could have a smoke with my coffee but I know this is the best thing for me :o)

Not having too many physcial side affects, get dizzy at time and my chest is tight & sore but I guess that's normal at first.

Congrats to EVERYONE who has made this decision...even though its tough it's so worth it!! p.s. Happy St. Pats! :D

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Hello Kel good on you getting to day four I remember it well. This site is great the guys are great, don't think I could have done it without them. Are you on anything? I'm on day 30 (never thought I WOULD SAY THAT) Stick with it you are doing great. x Bet.


Hi BOFA (sorry, name too long!!)

Welcome to the site and well done for getting to day 4, thanks fab!

Keep reading the site, there's some great advice (and some great laughs too). Keep posting but most of awful keep on quitting!!


well done breath of air, your more than half way through a week, how fantastic are you.




Wow thanks

thank you so much for all of the support...couldn't do without u!!

the only 2 ppl who know i've quit are my best friend & mom (everyone else in my life had no idea i smoked, i kept it pretty sneaky)

well thank you again....and congrats to everyone!!!!!



no i am not on anything...quit cold turkey.

not even planned...ran out on sunday and decided instead of buying more to just stop :)

here goes nothing.......


Same as me Kel not planned run out on a lunch time at home and thought come 6 o'clock I won't go buy any see how long I can last, read Allen Carrs book and went cold turkey. I just take one day at a time like some on here I just say I'm not smoking today. Bet x



well like i said here goes nothing...

really nervous about tonight, going out for some drinks with my best friend (who smokes!!) so not only will i have alcohol in my system i'll be around her so scared!


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