Day 10!

So amazed I got here and didnt think I would mange, If you knew me the first thing you would have thought is he is a I not!

Only thing is for some reason my memory is quite bad, Im forgetting where Im putting stuff.

Too and this only happens once a day, for a split second, I forget I am smoke for and when I do reasilze this, I get depressed.

One good thing, is its easier in the morning now!!!

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  • Well done Forndog, I'm on day 10 too today never thought i'd do it either but we have!

    it's good to have moments where you forget you smoke hopefully you'll have that more often and longer moments :D

    You should be well proud keep up the good work

    Jane x

  • Lennie, Just taking it day by day, next thing we know is it will be 20 days..

    Hows the champix going? any probs with it?

  • Lennie, Just taking it day by day, next thing we know is it will be 20 days..

    Hows the champix going? any probs with it?

    Taking the champix is ok, apart from feeling a bit sicky and the odd vivid dream

    It is easier to take it a day at a time

    Congratulations both of you :)

    I am forgetting little things. Glad it's normal and not just old age :D

    Thank you x

  • My short term memory has really taken a nose dive, I just cannot remember where I put my juice cup or keys at random times. :confused:

    Weird, as there is a proven link that smoking prevents alzheimers.

    However, I would rather have alzheimers over lung cancer anyday...

  • Congratulations Forndog!!!!

  • Congratulations Forndog!!!!

    Thank you chocolatepusscat !

  • Alzheimers is a very difficult illness for the family more than the sufferer. I don't think I would want either. Both take your life just in their own way :(

    Totally agree...

  • cant quite believe it but im here

    :D Hello everyone, Well done for getting so far. I dont know about you but it's still a hard slog. Struggle first thing in a morning and driving to work. BUT ! Ive stuck to the lozenges and Im hanging in there.:rolleyes:JUST !

    I have however noticed a little memory loss as ive noticed others mention and I've got a tickly cough like Ive smoked loads the night before:eek: but im sure it will pass.

    I have tried several times over the years but this is longest I have done. I gave up for lent but Im hoping I can carry on once the 40days is up x

    Oh well keep going you lot your doing great ;)

  • Well done all of you! You're all doing soooo well!

    As for the memory loss...... ummmm, now, errr can;t remember what I was going to say!!!!

    I'm sure that will sort itself out!

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