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Dreaming of Smoking


I'm on my 10th day of quitting (although the 8th day seems to be the most popular topic starter in this corner of the forum). To be honest I haven't had much problems with it until 2 days ago. I've been having dreams of smoking two days straight, waking up with huge cravings. That's actually the worst, because I'm a vivid dreamer and what I dream totally affects my mood the entire day. Ungh. At a few points I jokingly 'smoked' a straw. *blushes* x')

I keep thinking that I should just get one cigarette, you know, but I fear that if I do I'll relapse into smoking a lot more... But I guess that's a common symptom with stopping. ^^

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I'm on my 10th day of not smoking with the help of champix, wasn't to bad till 8th day and I now find I keep wanting a cigarette, keep thinking am not happy not smoking, if I could only smoke 2 a day!! I'm not stupid I know I would not stop at 2. Don't want to go back to day 1 so have resisted, but its very hard. I am putting on weight which I hate and have a nasty taste in my mouth, anyone else experienced this? Sorry to moan on feeling really sorry for myself just hope this passes quick.



Dreaming of smoking is quite often reported on here, I think I've always been lucky to escape it.

I say lucky to escape it...instead I lit that one cigarrette and had to start from the beginning again.

Keep them as dreams eh!


That reminds me, is it normal for me not to eat more than before? I've always read that when you stop smoking you gain weight because you eat more. I haven't been eating more at all, so I'm kinda worried that I'll gain weight anyway? Not sure how that whole weight gain thing works.

(As a side-note, I think I actually ate more when I smoked, because after a cigarette I felt more hungry for some reason lol.)


Hi there NoCig

Dreams are reported a lot here and I think it's quite normal, I never remember mine so can't help you but have seen a lot of posts from people saying they've been dreaming of smoking! I think it's the old unconscious bit of us - I dream of Mars Bars when I diet, and I don;t even like them!!

You are soooo lucky not wanting to eat more! I have been cramming everything that can be vaguely described as a food group in my mouth! But as Karri says we're all different and I wouldn't worry about it. The putting on weight thing obviously applies to people like me, but also nicotine speeds up your metabolism. So when you stop it slows down and so you could put on a bit of weight even if you aren't eating more.

It's worth it though, just to be free of the wed.

Keep on going you're doing really well.


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