Day 8 or Week 1 over and now into week 2!!!

Have quit a week now. Feel ok'ish. Would really like to fast forward a few months tho' so that I could be feeling more confident that I was a non smoker and temptation would be easier to handle!

I know from my past quits that yes, the first few days are difficult but it's still difficult weeks down the line.

I think this forum has been an immense help for me on this quit and hopefully I'll still be posting - POSITIVELY -on here in 6 months time!

I may be able to ditch the dependance I had on nicotine but may well develop a dependance for all you guys who post such encouragement and advice on here!!!

It's a scarey future! :confused: / :)

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  • Sorry! Think this thread should be in the week 2 forum.

    I am a pc/internet novice! ie a bit thick when it comes to anything technological!


  • week 2 day 8 or day 1 of week2 whatever, itsthe beginning of another day of being a non smoker, or am i someone whos trying to quit , dont know who i am anymore, so much of my id was wrapped up with smoking. cigarettes went with everything, so many associations[is this why its harder toquit than heroine] feel crap today cant sleep got restless legs and a hacking cough. in this situation iv always smoked and it eventually goes away. if i had a fag now it would releive how i feel mentally but i'd have to smoke forever. im telling myself this will pass and its my lungs clearing out 30+ yrs of gunge and my head needs to break with 30+ yrs of smoking associations, wow wot a tall order, a very do able challenge.

    i dont know who i am

    i'm not what i was

    i wonder who i'll be

    when i'm free

    will i still be me but free

    or someone else

    i have yet to meet

    dare i have faith in you i have yet to meet

    will that you be the new me?


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