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No Smoking Day
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was good for my quit!!

so today i was chatting with a co worker (as usual) and we came across the subject of smoking...she is 37 and is a smoker..i just met her about a month ago so she knows me as a non smoker(hilarious right?) anyway, when i told her that i have been quit for just short of 11 weeks she was shocked!! she said she had no idea and thought i never smoked!! then she told me that she wanted to quit so badly and she feels like she just cant. i gave her much advise and then she asked if i wld be there for her to talk if she needed when she decides to quit..i assured her that i will.

then she asked how i did it and i gave her one simple answer!! i told her that i quit because i wanted to!!;) please stick with it quitters..you are all worth it!

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Must have felt great!

Well done you and keep going!!


excellent i can see why u saw the funny side i would have been the same

i emailed my friend on a daily basis at the start of my quit she had quit 1 year ago at one point i said if its to much just say she was like no i find it theraputic and it made her realise how far she had come and how strong she was now

only someone who has smoked can help someone thats fact


Too true Boo,

Non smokers are (can be) very sympathetic but only a smoker can truly understand how it feels.

Gaynor x


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