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No Smoking Day
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day 3

made it to my 3rd day, not been too bad, finding it a bit hard at certain times after dinner, walking the dog etc but so far no major wobbles, dont know if this is normal but after going to bed on day one i woke up next morning with what feels like the worst head cold... all bunged up eyes very watery and sore throat. maybe a coincidence but feel rotten, not going to let it get to me though day 4 nearly here

ps thanks to all who replied to my 1st post, lots of nice comments, made me feel welcome:)

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Hi Lightother

Quite normal to feel odd when doing certain things, bet those were times when you'd have lit a cig eh?!

You can get all sorts of weird giving-up effects but given that there lots of nasty colds going round it sounds like it might be that instead.

But take heart, haven given up smoking if it is a cold you'll better much more quickly!

Keep going you're doing really well!


thanks divingdale, and to think i used to smoke EVEN when i felt this bad, makes you realise how strong the addiction was.


Oh yes, I remember smoking through coughs when I could barely breathe!!

In fact every morning I needed 3 fags before I stopped coughing - and I used to have them so I would stop coughing.. What a compete fool!



Well done, walking the dog was a big struggle of mine for the first week or so. I always smoked while walking her but I can tell you a month later it is so much easier walking up hill with her without a fag in my hand struggling to catch my breath! :D


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