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Day 5 !! Getting better for me

Hi everyone, well im pleased to say I am on day 5! I feel loads better and didnt even think about having a ciggie this morning! Im still using the inhalator, but im seriously thinking of getting rid of it soon as it has given me loads of mouth ulcers which really are really sore :( but it does say that this can happen in the side effects ... well apart from that its all good. Im really pleased to have got to day 5, I never thought id be able to do it, but Ive got a supportive group with everyone here, and also my family and neighbours are all great so that helps :) well done to everyone else too... dont give up cos it does get easier :D speak soon (well type lol) xx Kerry xx

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great staystrong - its lovely to see someone so positive - and with mouth ulcers - you are tough :D

hope the rest of your week continues juat as smoothly


Great progress Stay Strong!

I've just been out working in the garden (day 4) and am already starting to feel the difference in terms of not being so puffy. Also things are tasting REALLY different today.

Have you noticed any of the positive stuff yet?


Thanks guys, yeah I have noticed some positives, I know what you mean about food tasting a lot better, have saved all of the money I would of spent by now, so will go out at the end of the month for treats :D. Today I have spent reading Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking - I got it this morning through the post and have already read around 80 pages lol... but it is good, and I would recommend it to anybody whos quitting.. I only paid a couple of pounds for it on ebay :D well done to all, and thanks for all your words of support and encouragement ;)


Yay - well done :D

I really suffered with mouth ulcers too but the went after about 8-9 days. I have the allen carr book too and read bits of it if I am finding myself thinking about smoking just to reinforce why I am doing it.


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