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the third day

yes! im on day 3 - what a beginning , this can be so tough at times , i had another big 'moment' this morning, but i know that i can get through these first few days as ive done it before - so i refuse to smoke.

the panic is starting to rise though - that i will get to 3 or 4 months and lose all my hard work just like that - i dont really know what happerns - its like i become really dispondant, dare i say bit a llittle depressed, think this time i will physically drag myself to the docs to see if he can help , before i light up:rolleyes:

anyway i will try to just concerntrate on today - and ive got a busy one coming up

hope everyone here is having a terrific tuesday - and i hope i will too


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I think the "panic" is a good thing...shows you dont WANT to lose all your hard work:) Plus now it's down here in black and white you can come back and re-read which should help.

Also read on another post somewhere that you should keep re-reading things and edcuating yourself about nicotine addiction (physical and phychological) because apparently as people get further on in their quits and not smoking becomes more "normal" they get more lax etc but if you keep all the info at the forefront of your mind you'll remember how well you've done to overcome it.

Good luck for the rest of day 3:)


Panic is always what got me smoking again; it's the perfect excuse...specially as I suffer panic and anxiety disorders.

Oddly enough though even when I did smoke...I still got panic.

Not worth it.


Well done Daizy :D


thanks lula , that is a good idea - not smoking is hard work :(


thanks lula , that is a good idea - not smoking is hard work :(

I know - how can absence of an action feel like pushing a piano up a hill?!!!:rolleyes:


lol i know lula

ive always suffered from high anxiety, and it is worse whilst smoking. But if it hits while i am not smoking , for some reason i belive cigs will make things better - i smoke - it dosnt - but i pretend it does - i should look up some stress handling techniques.

not givin up right now kitkat :)


Well done Daizy - keep on fighting you're winning!!

I think your concerns about the future are good - I feel the same way. I'm concerned about getting complacent and slipping back into smoking again. But I think if we're worried about it then we;re less likely to have it happen.

So keep going you're doing brilliantly!!


Hi Daizee well done , A good tip is to write a few pages describing how bad your smoking was when at its worst. its quite easy to forget the pain and misery and only remember the good stuff[ imaginary good stuff].You can read through it when your further into your quit and becoming despondant . make it as descriptive as possible,use all 5 senses in your descriptions and dont censor it. i quit for 6mths last yr then started again triggered by seeing soome mates outside the pub in the sun smoking and drinking, id forgotten to keep rewarding myself and was subconsciously desperateley in need of one. theres a saying in aa, if your wanting a drink think H.A.L.T. AM I HUNGRY ANGRY LONELY OR TIRED .if any of these apply be careful, the same rules apply with any addiction esp smoking.theres loads of good stuff to read in the links the more info u knoe the better prepared u are. i for one and well arming myself against that just 1 cigarette crap, and oh wots the point

rubbish,tobacco wants us back.



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