No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Sitting here on nightshift and just realised I'm into day 5 (yippeee. All hail Wrigley's chewing gum & Chupa Chups lollipops).

Couple of questions:-

1) After how long can you claim that you are a non-smoker?

2) While doing a patrol at work tonight, 1 of the local numptys asked a stranger for a tab, the stranger replied "Sorry, I don't smoke".

What was he "sorry" for?:confused:

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no idea myself - but you might like this thread:)


Well done :D

I don't think I will ever class myself as a non smoker, an ex smoker yes.


oh im a nonsmoker already at just 3 days - i am not smoking - im a non- smoker, and so is everyone here - in my mind :)


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