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Smoking dream in the third month

Hey everyone!

Hope you's are all still going strong and the road is looking a good bit smoother.

I had a smokin dream last night :-0 was so strange, I had like 4 puffs of one and in my dream it felt so so good, however when I woke up I felt guilty and ashamed. I have had no cravings for a while now and my only fault is putting on weight and bad skin.

Maybe this was my bodys way of re enforcing what I would feel like if I had have caved in, not a nice feeling.

Over n out!

Jill xx

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I had same thing couple of days ago, the dream was so vivid, I kinda had a fag then went to buy 20 mayfair lol... i smoked like 4 fags and felt that overdose on nicotine in my dream ( it was soooo real ).... I then felt so guilty that I cave in and wanted to get rid of the pack and thats when i woke up feeling a horrible craving and my only option was to sleep for longer as i couldnt face the real world with that craving..slept till 2pm lol..


Its horrible the feeling you get when you actually think you have smoked. And if sleeping in until 2 is what you needed to do well done :D Anything that makes you not smoke is good.



Hey there, I had the same dream a couple of weeks back. I dreamt I'd smoked a whole packet of Marlboro Lights then felt massively guilty. When I woke up took a few seconds to work out it was just a dream. I felt so relieved it wasn't true. The mind works in mysterious ways doesn't it? :cool:


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