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Back again lol


Hi everyone,

So, here i am again lol, i started my first quit in march 2010 and failed, so i think i tried again later in the year and failed again. But this time im def determined to quit for good. Im 30 and have been smoking since i was 17, i only smoke roll ups without a filter in it, but ive noticed how ill i feel everymorning when i get up. yesterday i had to lay back down after having a cig as i felt so ill.

I do remember last time i quit, having all my energy back and i could wake up so easily in the morning.

so this is my day one, im not even going to try going CT, im starting with patches, so the first couple of hours have gone fine lol, only the rest of my life to go.

good luck everyone quitting. Rachel x

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Hi Blackrose,

Good decision! You can do it this time, for sure. :D

I was a rollie smoker too - the improvement in my breathing since I stopped is huge, I really didn't know how bad it was till I quit.

It might be a good idea to find something to do with your hands to replace that little fag-rolling ritual. Maybe get one of those squeezy stress balls, or get some lollipops to satisfy the hand-to-mouth craving.

Drink cold water too, that helps.

Good luck!


Good luck Rachel :D

good luck. I am on day 10 of my quit and am doing it cold turkey. I too have quit before and failed but am determined to keep going this time. I already notice a massive diffrence in my breathing. Keep going together we shall get there

You are back :cool:

I remember you quit the same day as me last year & we supported each other! Well done for coming back, i have total faith in you to kick this habit, read the links in my signiture, they will help you. Good luck x

First of all I want to say Congratulations Fallen angel on reaching your year milestone. That is just fantastic.

Rachel I want to wish you lots of luck in stopping and this time it will be a keeper.:)

Hi Blackrose

I know exactly how you feel. I gave up for 18 months, the failed, 4 months, then failed...gonna do it this time!! Let's spur each other on eh?:D

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